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Exciting news! We have just joined the Million Marriage Mission started by friends T.W. Jackson and Jonathan Green.


Do You Want Him To Propose?

You probably already know that in today’s world there are more relationship complications than ever before; and fewer weddings it seems.

And consequently, more frustrated gals – just like yourself – trying to get him to marry you instead of just dating forever.

Why He Won’t Propose To You

While there is still the attraction between men and women (fortunately!) there is no longer the “social road-map” that guides and even encourages men to proceed down the path of pursuit, dating, courtship and then marriage and family.

In fact, there are now quite a few “social road-blocks” that actually discourage a man from popping the question and taking his romance – and you – all the way to the altar.

On this site we will teach you not only what those road-blocks are but how to tear them down and how you can re-establish that encouraging road-map that makes a man want to turn his sweetheart into his bride.

Does Your Man Pull Away When Marriage Is Mentioned?

It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel that her relationship is progressing normally, even very well, but then wonder why the marriage proposal is not forthcoming. More than that, it almost feels like the man is pulling away and becoming more distant – maybe even angry – whenever the topic of marriage comes up.

Wouldn’t you like to find out what’s causing him to pull away?

Absolutely, we know you would. And we want to put your mind at ease quickly by saying that it really has nothing to do with YOU!

There are a lot of factors that contribute to what makes a man pull away and despite the fact that he probably does not know why himself, we are going to teach you why – and give you the edge that you need.

The Best Way To Get Him To Marry You

There are lots of books and articles out there that discuss a great number of ways to make him marry you – most of which range from bad to absolutely HORRIBLE!

We know you don’t want to just get married but actually want to begin a life of “happily ever after” or as happy as humanly possible anyway.

Marital bliss and life-long happiness does NOT come about from a marriage stemming from tricks, lies or force.

This is not about forcing a guy to marry you!

The kind of happy marriage you want will come from a marriage proposal from a man who wants nothing more than to be married to you, and one who feels that the sooner the wedding happens, the better.

We want to help you understand what is going on inside your man’s head and heart better than he understands it himself because:

(And here’s the secret) He really doesn’t know himself!

Get Him To Marry You By Opening The Path To Proposal

Once you understand the inner workings of the man you want to propose to you then it will become clear how to pave the way for him to feel right about progressing toward marriage, maybe a family, and living the life you dream of.

And it’s all without tricks, force or coercion of any kind.

He will be ecstatic to have the opportunity to ask you to marry him because, in the end, it will be his idea – not yours.

What many women do not understand is that while exerting pressure on a man to move the relationship toward marriage may end in a wedding, it is also more likely to wind up in unhappiness, disillusionment and even divorce.

Get him to marry you the right way (it will even become his way) and you both get what you want!

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Get Him To Marry You The Right Way And Live Happily Ever After

The Magic Traffic Signal

We mentioned above that we are now a proud part of the Million Marriage Mission. Well, T.W. (“T Dub”) Jackson, a co-founder of the “MMM”, has a really cool way of bringing to life the dilemma that you are probably facing right now.

He calls it the “Magic Traffic Signal“.

Picture a regular traffic light comprised of Red (stop), Yellow (caution) and Green (go!) lights.

Any man who could be symbolized as being in the “green” of the traffic signal is already proposing marriage to you, and you don’t need our help.

But if you are here, then I am guessing your man is either waffling in the “yellow” or maybe is in the dead stop “red” category.

Do either of these sound like your situation?

If so, then watch the video lesson below where T Dub explains the problem, his traffic signal metaphor, and some SOLUTIONS to move your guy from yellow or even red…right into the green.

Just click on the Magic Traffic Signal for your free video lesson. You can pause/resume the video by clicking on it, which I highly recommend doing so that you can take notes and try out the solutions he gives you.


Click the Magic Traffic Signal and Get Your Man To Marry You Soon!